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To reach, reconcile and empower ordinary people through media to accomplish extraordinary dreams for God’s Kingdom, while holistically equipping champions to live their best lives as the tangible legacy of God’s love in the earth.


• To practically teach the Power of Love for self, spouse, family, friends and enemies
• To continuously foster a solution-oriented environment where growth (spiritually, emotionally & physically) is a natural process.
• To be a positive influence to our community, our nation and world for generations.
• To embrace the strength that comes from ethnic diversity and teamwork.
• To be accountable for our every thought, word and action.
• To encourage holistic, daily personal growth by developing and empowering our people.
• To leave a legacy of excellence, power and hope to future generations.


• Be an industry leader and example what God’s church was intended to be.
• Operate the business professionally and efficiently while maintaining good character.
• Maintain a functional team positioned for success and rooted in competence, passion and responsibility to God and humanity.
• A consistent support system to holistically help people accomplish their dreams
• Partner with other churches and community organizations in order to provide necessary resources our people.
• Provide exceptional and consistent servant leadership programs.
• Impact our world through relevant communication and information in various forms.


• REACH people where they are
• RECONCILE people back to God’s Love
• EMPOWER people to overcome their past hurts and disappointments in pursuit of fulfilling their divine purpose in the earth

Cave Devotionals are a collection of bible-based books created to usher you through every stage of life.

They are inspired by a dream given to C. Christopher Scott where God unveiled books of encouragement and guidance proceeding from the mouth of a cave. Though full of revelation, each book is very practical in its application and structured to bring readers closer to breakthrough in every season of life.

Cave Devotionals are not meant to be books that you read once but rather guides that you can reference for the rest of your life.