10 Foods in the Bible for Healing

Herbs in the bible
Herbs in the Bible
April 21, 2021
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April 29, 2021
Fruits and vegetables in bible

We have compiled 10 Foods in the Bible with amazing Healing Properties. It’s an amazing thing to realize that God had our health and nutrition in mind when he created the earth.

Whether you eat, drink or whatever you do, do all for the glory of God.

 ~ 1 Corinthians 10:31

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  1. Olives and Olive Oil — (Deuteronomy 6:10-11)

The Jews were the elite olive merchants of their day. During antiquity, this precious commodity was used for its healing capabilities, for cooking, to light lamps, for soaps, for cosmetics and even for currency. Olive oil was considered so sacred to ancient culture that it was even used to anoint kings and priests. Hence, the Hebrew for Messiah, Moshiach, meaning “anointed one!”

Research has been conducted that proves regular consumption of olives and olive oil contributes to heart, brain, skin and joint health. They have even been linked to cancer and diabetes prevention. Needless to say, this sacred has lived up to its ancient reputation!

  1. Pomegranate — (Deuteronomy 8:7-8)

Tasty, messy and just recently gaining ground in the American market these past few years, several research studies have shown that pomegranates contain strong anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-obesity and anti-tumor properties. According to researchers, “Many beneficial effects are related to the presence of ellagic acid, flavonoids, anthocyanins, and flavones, which seem to be its most therapeutically beneficial components.” Subsequently, pomegranates are being considered valid treatment options for chronic diseases such as cancer, insulin resistance, intestinal inflammation and obesity.

  1. Fermented Grapes — (Song of Solomon 1:2)

I can’t make a list of top Bible foods without including grapes. Several epidemiological studies have shown that moderate alcohol intake, particularly drinking red wine, may lower the risk of cardiac mortality due to atherosclerosis. (9) The general recommendation is no more than one (five ounces) of red wine per day except for men under the age of 65 who may be able to have two drinks per day.

When grape juice is fermented, natural anti-oxidant and flavonoid properties are exemplified through a substance called resveratrol. Consequently, researchers have focused much of their attention on evaluating the health benefits of resveratrol in recent years, which has been linked to chronic disease prevention and treatment including diabetes and obesity.

  1. Flax — (Proverbs 31:10,13)

One of the most important plant fibers in the Bible, flax has been used to make linen for as long as recorded history. Although it has been widely replaced by cotton in recent years, flax remains one of the most important fiber plants in the world and one of the top Bible foods.

Having a rich history of medicinal use dating back to Babylon in 3000 B.C., flax seeds have been wholeheartedly embraced by natural health and medical circles alike because it provides a natural, vegan source of omega-3 essential fatty acids and fiber. Subsequently, research show that flax seeds may be able to help fight against cancer, lung disease and heart disease.

  1. Sprouted Grain Bread — (Ezekiel 4:9).

In the Book of Ezekiel, God gave the prophet Ezekiel a recipe for what has proven to be the perfect bread as science has recently shown us that it creates the “complete protein,” one that contains all essential amino acids. The main reason that Ezekiel bread is healthier than other breads is because the grains and legumes are soaked and sprouted, which makes them easier to digest — and as a result, is the only bread to make this list of top Bible foods.

Harvesting “sprouted grains” happens right after the seed has started to sprout, but before it has developed into a full-grown plant. During this critical growth state, the young shoot digests a portion of the starch to fuel its growth. Subsequently, because the grain’s starch has been utilized, the level of vital nutrients — including proteins, vitamins and minerals — are enhanced. Additionally, research studies have suggested that iron and zinc actually become more “bioavailable,” (i.e. more easily absorbed) after sprouting.

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  1. Raw Goat Milk — (Proverbs 27:26-27)

Crude milk is loaded up with the nutrients and minerals that add to a solid dental liquid stream and help keep up solid teeth. Stacked with calcium, nutrient K2, magnesium, phosphorus and fat-solvent nutrients, scientists have completed a relative report on the properties of cows’ milk contrasted with those of goats’ milk and have found that goats’ milk might be significantly more advantageous.

In contrast to cows’ milk, researchers from the University of Granada has uncovered that information concerning goats’ milk proposes that it could forestall infections like paleness and bone demineralization. Also, goats’ milk has properties that assist with the stomach related and metabolic usage of minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

  1. Lamb — (Exodus 12:11)

Because of the meaning of the Passover Lamb and likening that part to Christ, sheep are the most venerated creature ever, and the most regarded food in the Bible . Sheep is the meat of youthful sheep that are by and large one year old or more youthful. Due to butchering the creature at a particularly youthful age, the marble fat substance is extensively lower than more established assortments of meat, which adds to heart wellbeing and forestalls again corpulence. Plentiful in protein, nutrient B12, nutrient B6, niacin, zinc and other crucial supplements, it is apparently the best red meat on earth.

On a side note, try to buy neighborhood, natural, grass-took care of assortments whenever the situation allows. Grain-took care of processing plant cultivated creatures are stacked with hereditarily altered corn feed, incalculable added substances and are basically not worth the danger.

  1. Bitter Herbs (coriander and parsley) — (Exodus 12:8)

Researchers are not in complete arrangement which plants the writers of Bible were alluding to when expounding on “severe spices,” however coriander and parsley for the most part make the rundown.

Coriander is the seed of the amazing enemy of oxidant and characteristic purifying specialist cilantro. Customary medication has since quite a while ago utilized and marked coriander as an enemy of diabetic plant and logical exploration affirms its accommodating consequences for glucose. Coriander additionally has all the earmarks of being useful for hypertension and weighty metal detoxification among other positive wellbeing impacts.

Parsley is another wellbeing advancing spice and a rich wellspring of a few vital nutrients, including nutrient A, nutrient C and potassium.

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  1. Vegetables — (Daniel 1:12)

Rather than eating the scrumptious dainties of the Babylonians, Daniel and his companions mentioned to live on a vegan diet. At the point when it was the ideal opportunity for them to be introduced to the lord, Nebuchadnezzar and the entirety of the pioneers were flabbergasted to see that the four youthful Jewish companions were more fit and looked better compared to the next youngsters who ate the Babylonian passage. Regularly alluded to as the Daniel diet or the Daniel quick, history and scriptural content really support that Daniel proceeded with his vegan way of life all through his whole life.

Of all the nutrition types, vegetables are apparently the most supplement thick and most secure to eat. There’s moderately no danger in burning-through such a large number of them; though, in the event that you eat organic product the entire day, you risk spiking your glucose or creating dental caries as a result of the abundance sugar.

Vegetables are so successful at recuperating that, as indicated by the National Cancer Institute, cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cabbage, collards, kale, radish and so forth) can help forestall disease since they are rich in glucosinolates – an enormous gathering of sulfur-containing glucosides. Known to separate during biting and assimilation, these stalwart synthetic compounds can back off and surprisingly turn around disease cells development.

  1. Raw Honey — (Proverbs 25:16)

It’s no big surprise crude nectar is alluded to as “fluid gold.” The therapeutic applications to the skin and inner body appear to be boundless. Most importantly, crude nectar is stacked with key supplements. Exploration has additionally shown that nectar contains the infection battling cell reinforcement flavonoids like pinostrobin, pinocembrin and chrysin. (19)

As well as being an incredible substitution to caffeinated drinks for competitors and individuals requiring a little lift, crude nectar additionally upholds the development of probiotics in gastrointestinal lot including (Bifidobacteria). (20) Another intriguing nature of nectar is its capacity to improve sensitivity indications. However, make certain to buy the neighborhood assortment, as it will contain native dust species not at all like conventional locally acquired brands.

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