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Survive IT!
February 1, 2021
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How to Maximize your Devotional
February 8, 2021
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DAY 1: Know That You are Loved (Gen. 37:3-4)

Our society has created atmospheres that present the mirage that love is acceptance from others. The reality is that love is acceptance from the Father. Having a desire to be in His favor is central to making the path to purpose without delays. God loves you because of who you are and He will never stop loving you. Love does not require the acceptance of sinful or self-destructive behaviors and it does not exist in the absence of correction. Whom God loves, He will correct and chasten. True love brings rebuke and restoration. Love also makes you a target for the envious. You are created to embody a special purpose that those who are in proximity to you may recognize and resent. When you feel unloved by those close to you, embrace it as their limitation rather than yours. It’s just a sign of future success; that you are marked by God for a special purpose that cannot be understood by carnal minds. Carnal people will manifest signs of hate, envy, and jealousy. Release them from your mental space right now. They may catch up to you later. Stay focused on the fact that you are loved by God today! Reflect on the many times His love has manifested in your life. 

This an excerpt from ENDURE: 21 keys to conquering the Process to Purpose

This insightful 21 Day Devotional reveals the 7P’s of process through the life and lense of Joseph. By accessing these biblical keys you will get clarity on: (read more)

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